Since it's founding in 1930 Peacock Laboratories has provided industry leadership in the development of new mirror product development and manufacturing technologies. Our commitment to discovering new uses and applications for silver and other metalizing processes, as well as improving already established mirroring techniques has been ongoing and will continue to shine on brightly into the future.

PChrome wheelsConsider using Peacock Labs Chroming technologies to "chrome" your parts.Three rims that we obtained from a junk yard are shown PChromed in different colors. Now you can Pchrome your rims to Color-match your car! Our PChrome process is easily sprayed on and sets with air drying. The costly and hazardous acid baths required by chrome plating are completely avoided. Plus when finished, PChrome is as durable, shiny, and heat resistant as chrome.  It just costs a lot less. Click here for more information and to ORDER ONLINE